Berlin Pub-Ruimsig-Menu



Toasted Cheese

Toasted Cheese and Tomato

Toasted Ham, Cheese and Tomato

Hotdog and Chips


Plate of Chips

Oupa’s Beef Burger and Chips

Oupa’s Cheese Burger and Chips

Oupa’s Sauce Burger and Chips

Prego Roll and Chips

Steak Roll and Chips

Basket for one

Basket for two


- Stuff the cholesterol, who cares? You wouldn’t find it elsewhere.


- Two smoked pork chops grilled to perfection

Crumbed Pork Chops

-Two fried crumbed pork chops

Pork Schnitzel

- Crumbed pork schnitzel smothered in lemon butter.

Cordon Bleu

- Filled with ham and Emmentaler cheese.


- Just try it!! Its really good.


Mushroom Sauce, Pepper sauce, Cheese sauce, Chili sauce, Fresh or Creamy Garlic and Monkey Gland Sauce, Prego Sauce.
House specialties are served with your choice of chips or mash

Greek Salad - Basic Salad with Olives and Danish Feta

Chicken Salad - Basic Salad with grilled chicken,
pineapple and cucumber

Chef Salad - Basic salad topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, croutons, and salami

Chicken Schnitzel - Crumbed chicken schnitzel served with Emmentaler cheese sauce.

Chicken Livers - Peri peri or mild? Served with brown or white bread

Baby Chicken - Nothing baby about this one.
Goulash Soup - This is really good you know

Smoked Salmon - Fish with a better taste

Chicken Liver Bacon Kebab - Chicken livers wrapped in bacon, grilled to perfection

Chicken Livers - Your choice peri peri or mild

Springbok Carpaccio - 80g of thin cut springbok

Crumbed Mushrooms - Fried mushrooms served with tartar sauce

Cheesy garlic roll - A Roll filled with emmentalercheese and garlic

Creamy Garlic Snails - If you like sleeping alone try this one,it is worth it.

Gorgonzola Snails - Christo’s favorite

Onion Rings - Puffy onion rings fried to golden brown And served with tartar sauce

Please allow 45 - 50 minutes for orders
Our baked puddings are homemade and fresh, served with cream or ice-cream

Ice cream and chocolate sauce


Baked Apple pudding

Cadbury's chocolate pudding

Rump Steak - 350g Rump. How would you like it done?

Lamb Curry - 450g of fruity lamb curry served with sampand mix veggies

Lamb Chops - 3 Grilled Lamb Chops served with mix veggies

Fillet 300g - Just the way you like it.

T-Bone 600g - For the hungry

Ribs and Chips - 800g rack of ribs served with chips

Surf and Turf
- 350g Rump served with grilled or fried Calamari

Kingklip - Grilled Kingklipserved with your
choice of veggies or salad

Grilled Prawns - 12 Grilled prawns served with chips

Calamari - Grilled or fried served with chips and salad or mix veggies



Red cabbage

Mix Vegetables